My name is Everett Christopher. I mainly photograph weddings. But I also love photographing general events and music! That's what this website is all about :D

What happened to Photolo.co??

Ok just a quick word about Photolo.co. So Photolo.co was the previous name of this site. Part of the site was a learning section where I shared various photography and PhotoShop tutorials. I've been building social presence with Photoloco because of these tutorials, so I've decided to turn Photoloco into a photography learning brand. Right now Photolo.co points to this site, however I will have it up and running on its own website soon! You can find me on social media @thephotoloco and my Youtube channel at youtube.com/photoloco!


I started out photographing weddings and it has taught me nearly everything I know about photography. At this point I can photograph anything in almost any environment.

I love vibrant, bold, colorful, and exciting photography. I also love working with PhotoShop and Lightroom. I feel photography is an art, and in this digital age, software applications like PhotoShop and Lightroom are the tools artists use to make their art, plain and simple.

I value my customers and believe customer service is paramount in every business that exists. I work hard and communicate expectations, costs and time-frames well. These things are what have made me very successful in my wedding photography business, and they also hold true for all my other photography clients.
Me, my son and the flying beaglesMe, my son and the flying beaglesMe, my son and the flying beagles

Previous clients

Balcones Resources
Jeff Shore Marketing
The Hive
Study Breaks
University Estates
Longhorn Landings
Ocean Vida Bikinis
Evolve IP
Austin Young Chamber of Commerce

Different watermarks on photos

You may notice different watermarks on photos as you peruse this site. Well, before ATXEVENTPHOTOS was born I used to photograph general events under a few different names including Everett Christopher Photography (which I have now use to focus on weddings) and Photoloco (which I now use to teach photography). So...that's why there are a few different logos on the photos. But rest assured I photographed ALL OF THEM :)